DC720 - Possible Topics List

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To get your items added to this list please either do a pull request to the site, or post them into the slack channel #dc720talktopics


  • Ham Radio
  • Soldering
  • Docker for Security
  • Crypto
  • Malware Analysis Writeups
  • Defcon Lore
  • 3d Printing
  • Hardware hacking
  • CTF
  • Shodan.io


  • Using the ZAP attack proxy (punkcoder)
  • Using hugo to stand up safe sites quick (punkcoder)
  • Setting up KALI

Possible Workshops

  • Offensive Security for Developers (punkcoder) (8hr)
  • Hack Yourself Everyone Else Is (punkcoder) (1hr)


Community Outreach

  • How to remain safe online
  • Privacy in 2018
  • How to make email more secure
  • Toy Modification (currently have a reach-out to Denhac)
  • CSWeek 2019