20200505 GoneVirtual

Like so many other things in the past couple of months we have decided to go full virtual. Additionally we have decided to make some change ups for the time being to make things a bit easier since we are all isolated. So for the sake of sanity we will be having our usual meetings on the first Tuesday of the month, but in addition we will be adding in a second gathering for the group.

More details will be posted here shortly but if you would like to attend the next session we will be sitting down to talk on May 19th, 2020 @ 6pm. Check the channel for details.

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October 2019 Meeting

We had another evening of talking about the topics of the day including the current iphone boot loader hack, cyberwarefare, tools, tricks and others.

It was also brought up that we completely missed the completion of the first year, which we completely missed at the last meeting. But one year in and we are going strong.

Looking forward to meeting all of you next month.

Malware Analysis

Last night we had the oppertunity to host awesome meetup to talk about the basics of malware analysis in our new space at Rule4.

Included are some of the resources from that talk since there were people asking for the basic toolkit.

Attacking to Learn To Defend

We had a good turn out tonight to talk about recon, and how to collect as much infromation as you can about a person, place, or thing. Whether your using shodan to gather infromation or talking about using custom google searches as a method for cataloging your recon data.

With eight in attendence for the evening, we talked through some of the great tools that are out there.

For our next meeting we will go through and talk through CTF’s and it looks like we will have a good group to talk through.

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Cross Site Scripting Meeting

At this months meeting we had a good turnout to talk about the ins and outs of cross site scripting and how it can be used. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture, but that’s the way that it goes sometimes.

Additionally for the meeting we introduced the new logo for DC720, which will be added to the site soon. I have also added all of the future dates that we have scheduled to the meetings page so that you can start planning ahead for the meetings.

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SQL Injection Meeting

At tonights meeting we went over the finer points of sql injection, the dangers and fun that can be had with it. We had a good turn out for the event, once again managed to mess up the room location, so the meeting page was updated with the full details for the next couple of meetings. From the looks of it we will soon have a logo for the DC720 group.

Additionally the website has been updated with the link for the invitation for the slack channel. But if you missed it elsewhere please feel free to select link


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CTF Meeting

Tonight members of the DC720 group worked through a ctf that was designed by one of the members of the group for application security training. We had a small turn out becuase of changing dates and the holidays.


Our Next Meeting

Flagstaff Room: 6:00pm to 8:00pm Wednesday, Jan 2 2018 (first floor next to the elevator)

Topic: TBD

Lockpicking Night

Another great night of Hacker Shenanigans working on lock picking, we all had a good time passing around locks and talking over the specifics. Almost all of the locks that were present got picked with the exception of one of the “McGuckin” Branded Locks, which I picked up specifically since it said “Hard to Pick”.


For our next meeting we will be working on a CTF that is designed for training application developers about the need for AppSec. Please make sure that you bring a device that you can use to work on the CTF.

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Badge Night

Yet another very successful meeting of DC720. This time we had it set to do a hacking night with badges and because of all of the out pouring of badges we never really got around to the hacking part. With 13 members in attendance we are looking forward to our next meeting in November (details below)



Our Next Meeting will be:

Flagstaff Room: 6:00pm to 8:00pm Tuesday, Nov 6 2018 (first floor next to the elevator)

We will be talking Lock picking so bring locks you own and picks. 

As always meetings are open to all.
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Foundational Meeting

Wow… There is no way that I could have expected this level of turn out for the meeting (13 people), so we have started DC720. Thanks to everyone who joined us and all of the members showing interest in absentia. We had a good time talking through some interesting topics as well as some good outreach projects.

For those interested in the community but were unable to make it feel free to join our slack chanel: boulderinfosec.slack.com, reach out to info@dc720.org or link for invite everyone gets one.


  • We are currently soliciting:
    • speakers for topics
    • topics of interest
    • community service

Next Meeting

Tentative Room Location:

Flagstaff Room: 6:00pm to 8:00pm Thursday, Sep 27 2018
Address: 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

The current format will be as follows (we are trying somethings out):

* 2-3 15min presentations on various topics (feel free to suggest some)
* Followed by activity time -> Previous Defcon Badge hacking (If you have any bring them along)
* Food and Drinks to follow the meeting (suggestions??)

-James (@punkcoder)

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