DC720 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: If your in boulder why not call it DC303

Because there has already been a DC303 (located in downtown Denver) that is a group with a lot of history and I don’t want to step on that. Boulder is covered by the 303 and 720 area codes.

Question: Additional information about DEFCON Groups

Awesome, if you would like to know more about the orgs from a higher level please feel free to check out the frequently asked question on the DEFCON Groups FAQ

Question: Why not go the 30m to Denver where you already have some of the best new and old school hackers around?

Couple of reasons…

  • DC303 has a tendency to meet infrequently (check their website dc303.org)
  • While it’s only 30 miles to Denver, the 36 to 25 at rush hour can turn it into an hour or longer.
  • (When they do meet) They meet on Fridays, the weekends usually belong to my family.
  • Boulder has a lot of startup and cultural differences (talking tech at this point, not politics, thinks startups vs established businesses) in the tech.

Hope that answers your questions.